Often in life we face difficult situations. And often we might not recognize that we need help.
Talking to a therapist can help you get out of a situation, that is disadvantageous for you, to overcome loss, to improve relationships and to get on a new start.
Talk therapy is a proven route to self-realization and finding solutions. Safely speaking one’s innermost thoughts, verbalizing unrealized desires, fears and resistances will free you to unlock the doors to new possibilities, more harmonious relationships and emotional balance.

Your Therapist

I am extensively trained in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and object-relation theory. I graduated at Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis (Boston, MA), where I received my MA in Psychoanalysis, and I was in the Certificate programs in Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies -New York and Philadelphia School of Psychoanalysis. I worked in a hospital setting as well as in a an outpatient facility. Currently I am in private practice, working with clients with diverse backgrounds. 

How we work

If you’re here you have already made the first step. The best way to start is to connect with your therapist for a General consultation. In that no-obligation session you can find out about the treatment method and what would be the best therapeutic structure for you. Whether you need a short-term support to address a crisis, certain number of sessions to work through an ongoing issue or eliminate repetitive patterns; or you would like to immerse in a longer, more in-depth analytic work. We can personalize your experience, time-frame and mode of treatment. We built your treatment based on your evaluation and your unique needs. 

Benefits of the online therapy

The online therapy has the advantage of personalization of your experience and time frame. 
By providing a safe environment for self- expression we can achieve this individual approach that is best suited to each person. Online therapy gives you the opportunity to talk from the comfort of your home and in your preferred time. You can use audio only, or utilize the camera, or you can switch between both.
During your treatment you will have a direct contact with your therapist through a phone line and email and you can send questions via email any time of the day in any world time zone.  


Your privacy is highly valued. Your information will not be stored on a hard copy or in virtual space. Sessions will not be recorded.
We abide by the APA Health and Mental Health Association Codes of Ethics; and the EFPA Meta-Code of Ethics for mental health practitioners.