Couples Therapy


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Past relationships.

     We have all been there and know what it is like to navigate a life together with another person. Whether being together a short while, temporary, or an entire life, living together can be challenging. Partners can experience different situations that test their love and trust, and at times, even the continuation of the relationship. Often these situations can be easily resolved by talking to a therapist. Couples counseling can be a great resource while going through a critical situation. But it can also be about strengthening your relationship, or providing ongoing support as you  move through life together.

    Couples often find that many of their issues can be resolved with simple talk to clear out misunderstanding, by presenting them to an observer, who has the training to listen and ask objective questions.

      Therapists are trained in different ways to assist in identifying the major or minor issue and give direction for going forward. Identifying certain repetitive patterns of behaviour, voicing out their concerns, can help the couple find new ways to interact and achieve new perspective. It is best when both partners are invested in the therapy and work toward the common goal, but you can also schedule an individual appointment. 

LGBTQ couples are welcome.