Sometimes we feel under the weather; sometimes it lasts longer, even on a sunny day; and there are times when we can get immobilized and paralyzed by it.

Depression can have different forms, intensity and length. People who suffer from depression often will not realize when did it start and can underestimate the seriousness of the condition. Low mood, which lasts more than a few days, no motivation for daily tasks, losing interest in the usual activities that bring us joy, these are indications of the developing process in the mental world of the individual.
Besides low mood, people can feel that there is something wrong with them and develop guilt feelings. Often, they would hide their state from others and appear as if they are doing fine, while performing regular daily tasks would become increasingly difficult.
     The symptoms of depression are not limited to only the emotional state, but also affect the physical well-being of the person- depressed people can experience a number of somatic problems, without realizing they are caused by depression. Self-criticism, low self-esteem and difficulties making decisions can accompany the depressive feelings.
     According to the World Health Organization, depression is classified as one of the most disabling conditions in the world, spread amongst all age groups and social layers.
If you, or someone you know has symptoms of experiencing depression, it is important to not ignore them and call a specialist for consultation.