General Consultation

This is an introductory no-obligation session. Here you can consult and decide which method is good for you and will suit your needs.

One on One Sessions



Sometimes we feel under the weather; sometimes it lasts longer, even on a sunny day; and there are times when we can get immobilized and paralyzed by it.
Depression can have different forms, intensity and length. It is a serious condition that needs our full attention.


The first day of school, going to a job-interview, public performance or major life-transition, we all have had our share of being anxious before an event.

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Stress and Burnout Management

Our lives have become increasingly more difficult. Stress at work or home, managing time, burnout or lack of opportunities for development, loss of work or loved ones, the list can go on.

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Self-improvement and Personal Growth

Ever want to know how to access your full potential and use the resources of your conscious and unconscious mind?

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Childhood and Adolescent Help

Maybe they don’t like the sound of their voice or the way their hair is. Or maybe they feel like they just can’t do anything right, no matter how hard they try. 

Couples Therapy


Free time 


Physical intimacy

Extended family obligations



Snoring and other habits

Past relationships.


Relational Conflicts (Family, Parent-child, Peers)

In the workplace, at home, on vacation, sometimes it may seem as if some types of conflict are unavoidable and often, they can become overwhelming.


Overcoming Trauma and Loss

“I can’t believe it’s true.

I can’t get it out of my head. 

I feel numb.

I blame myself… I feel so guilty’

I feel angry”

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Eating Disorders

It can be only a step from a healthy diet to an eating disorder. Anyone can have an eating disorder but it is more common in adolescents and young adults. It’s important to seek help for eating disorders as early as possible.

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When a person has a phobia, they will often shape their lives to avoid what they consider to be dangerous. The imagined threat is greater than the actual threat posed by the cause of fear.

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Wellness Coaching and General Lifestyle

 Losing weight
 Quitting smoking
 Reducing stress 
 Improving interpersonal relationships
 Eating a healthier diet
 Achieving life satisfaction.

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Addiction is serious chronic disorder with biological, psychological, social and environmental factors influencing its development and maintenance.