Overcoming Trauma and Loss

“I can’t believe it’s true.

I can’t get it out of my mind. 

I feel numb.

I blame myself… I feel so guilty’

I feel angry”

     Experiences and losses for which one is unprepared can become overwhelming. They are difficult to comprehend and to make sense of. Losing a loved one, becoming a witness to injury or death, being a victim of a crime, physical or emotional abuse or violence, can leave  emotional scars which are difficult to patch and heal.

     Some common reactions and feelings one may experience in the hours, days, weeks and months after a traumatic event can sometimes be very strong and frightening. The mental pain threatens to overwhelm us, we may be unable to think clearly, or become confused and lose our bearings. At other times we may be unable to express feelings of any kind. 

     The grieving process is a natural way of dealing with loss. The process doesn’t happen in a predictable order, as no one deals with trauma and loss it in the same way. Talking to a therapist can give you the right tools and support to get through a post-traumatic state or to overcome grief. 

     The victims of abuse often experience guilt and shame and will not talk to anyone about the incident or the prolonged exposure to abuse. The trauma might be endured or hidden for years.

If you, or someone you know is a victim of abuse or domestic violence, please contact and report to your local authorities.