Self-improvement and Personal Growth

Ever want to know how to access your full potential and use the resources of your conscious and unconscious mind?

     Self-help books are good, but often when working towards a personal development and self-knowledge, one needs to overcome psychological, emotional and perhaps traumatic obstacles that require the help of another.
    To be able to see what the obstacles are one needs to look from a different perspective, leaving behind past attitudes that hinder advancement, or to pinpoint repetitive patterns which might prevent one from growing personally or professionally.
    Talk therapy and especially psychoanalytic therapy gives you a very thorough approach to self-realization. It provides the freedom to explore and contemplate in a safe environment. This could be a longer process, where you sit back, let go, and just free- associate or share dreams in order to discover their deeper meaning. Decoding fantasies, day-dreams and actual dream content is the “royal road” to the unconscious, where information is stored. With the help of an experienced psychoanalyst through dream analysis and symbolic communication you can find solutions in unexpected ways. Psychoanalysis can give you the keys to understanding  behaviours and motivations, from daily mistakes to major life- patterns,  that can otherwise look incomprehensible.