Stress and Burnout Management

Our lives have become increasingly more difficult. Stress at work or home, managing time, lack of opportunities for development, loss of work or loved ones, the list can go on.

     Stress is a physical reaction, due to chemical or biological agents, caused by external stimuli that we inevitably encounter every day. Most often we get through without difficulties. But if the frequency of stimuli and stress factors remain constant and intense, they can produce an overwhelming effect and trip out equilibrium. 

     Persistent stress at the work place can lead to burnout. Burnout is not a regular exhaustion or disease. The WHO describes burnout as an occupational response where one feels negative affect toward their work and work environment. The coping resources of people who experience burnout are at a risky minimum level. People will stop identifying  with their work and it can become nearly impossible to perform their daily tasks. 

    Talk therapy is one of the most efficient ways to verbalize what you are going through. It can bring clarity and empower you to withstand the circumstances, to make changes or to find ways to reduce the stress levels. Managing your stress levels is a major way to stay healthy physically and emotionally.