Wellness Coaching and General Lifestyle

Losing weight
Quitting smoking
Reducing stress 
Improving interpersonal relationships
Eating a healthier diet
Achieving life satisfaction

     What is preventing you from thriving physically, mentally, or emotionally?       

     Finding the motivation to start on a diet program, or the courage to quit smoking can often feel overwhelming. Talking to a therapist can help you take incremental steps and work together on your journey of improving your health, life style or emotional wellbeing. Wellness coaching can be done independently for a certain issue that you might need to address, or it could be in conjunction with your other therapeutic concerns. The therapist will partner with you to create and implement a step-by-step plan and help you set daily goals, without feeling overwhelmed. In addition to providing a structure of support and accountability, we will generate solutions and strategies that are aligned with the larger context of your life.